All reviews are honest.  I will read the book and post my honest opinion on what i loved or did not love about the book.  I will not take down my review just cause i gave it one star.  I will only rate a book what i feel it should be rated.

Ratings are as follows. 

5 stars

Loved it, devoured it, thoroughly entertained me.

4 stars

Good book might have dragged in some places.

3 stars

Mediocre book i was able to finish it.

2 star

Barely kept my interest, probably got half way through it.

1 star

Totally stunk, why did i waste my time.


If you have a book you would like me to read and review for you, you can contact me at wheatley_jan@hotmail.com  Please only contact me about young adult, sci-fi, and fantasy books.



All books reviewed at jrsbookreviews are either provided from publisher or authors for tours or just a review.  Other books i either purchased on amazon or borrowed from the local library.  All prizes are provided by myself or from the tour company/authors.

All reviews are also posted on Amazon, Netgalley, Barnes and Nobles, goodreads, twitter and facebook as a service to authors to get the word out about your books.


Are for 13 years or older and are run via raffle copter for tours and by comment when ran by me.  All entries are verified and winners are chosen by random.org



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