ARC Review Down to Oath by Tyrolin Puxty


You have to find yourself before you can leave.

Codi lives in the exceptionally drab town of Oath; a settlement without colour, children or personality.

When a child manifests in the library and introduces Codi to parallel towns that contain aggressive, manic versions of herself, she must decide between saving Oath…and saving herself.

After all, how much can you truly trust yourself?

Jan’s Review

What a unique book about discovering who you are and where you are going.  Our main character Codi lives in a drab town where she not like anyone else she enjoys color, being creative and loves to the visit the town library.  Now you may think being different is a great quality to have but not in oath. Everyone and everything acts exactly the same and their no room for color and creativity.  Turns out that they are more towns that are parallel to the town of oath and each one contains a different version of yourself.   So Codi goes off on an adventure of sorts where she finds out how each part of herself combine to make her codi and what she will achieve in the next life?

The book brings up some ideas that not everyone agrees with but that what a book is for right it to bring up discussion among friends.  It brings to light new ways of thinking and looking at this world that we are all discovering and learning in. Just because you don’t believe in re carnation does not mean you have to miss out on the joy of discussing what you get from a book that brings it up.   This story was great for a middle grade and thoroughly enjoyed it.