Will You Always Be Here?by Nadine Damo

A heart-touching story of overcoming the fears and storms of life.

Under a full moon, little Peek-a-Hoot wakes up to see his Father, as always, watching over him. But when a sudden storm arrives, little Peek-a-Hoot becomes afraid.

Will You Always Be Here?

is a Christian children’s book with a powerful message of faith, love, and the reassurance we can all have, knowing that our Father watches over us too.

All proceeds of this book go to the orphaned children of Nakrekal, India.

Learn more at nadinedamo.com. (


This book gives two significant benefits. One, all proceeds from the book will go to orphaned children, and second, it opens up your heart and those that you share it with to the love of God. It has theological truths that we all need. By incorporating bible verses on the pages and the cute story, children will learn them and take them to heart. The book is heartfelt and has eye-catching illustrations that will have any child asking for it repeatedly—a wonderful gift and addition to any child’s bookshelf.

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