Rebelwing(Rebelwing #1)by Andrea Tang

Business is booming for Prudence Wu.

A black-market-media smuggler and scholarship student at the prestigious New Columbia Preparatory Academy, Pru is lucky to live in the Barricade Coalition where she is free to study, read, watch, and listen to whatever she wants. But between essays and exams, she chooses to spend her breaks sweet-talking border patrol with her best friend, Anabel, in order to sell banned media to the less fortunate citizens of the United Continental Confederacy, Inc.

When a drop-off goes awry, Pru narrowly escapes UCC enforcers to find that her rescuer is, of all things, a sentient cybernetic dragon. On the one hand, Pru is lucky not to be in prison, or worse. On the other, the dragon seems to have imprinted on her permanently, which means she has no choice but to be its pilot.

Drawn into a revolution she has no real interest in leading, Pru, Anabel, and friends Alex and Cat become key players in a brewing conflict with the UCC as the corporate government develops advanced weaponry more terrifying and grotesque than Pru could have ever imagined.


Pru has spent her whole life listening to fairy tale stories about dragons from her very talented story teller mother. One day while out on a book smuggling run she ends up becoming one with a dragon. If that not enough for you to pick up this book to see what happens i not sure how else to entice you. There some love interest with in these pages, some fantastic battling with robotic dragons and the aforementioned book smuggling. It a fanatic story that leave you with a solid ending cause book two is about another set of characters 15 years later. So the big plus side is you can read this one and you be good no major cliff hanger to strangle you. Excited for the next one to see how things have developed.

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