Brenna Morgan and The Iron Key (Brenna Morgan, #1)by Katie Masters

When sixteen year-old Brenna Morgan arrived in Ireland with her travel-writer mother she had expected the usual—a couple of months in a country that wasn’t her home. What she hadn’t anticipated was making a promise to a dying faerie who saves her life. Armed with only her wits and a strange iron key given to her by the faerie, Brenna is pulled into a world where myth and legend cross all too often into reality, in search for a child hidden away in their world.

Knowing nothing of the faerie realm, she is aided in her search by new found friends Patrick and a reluctant faerie named Roibhilin with a grudge against humans. But the more she uncovers the more she realizes that not all is as it seems, that danger comes in the most unassuming of guises, and that the child she is sworn to protect could destroy not only the faerie world but her own as well.

Jan’s Review

If your looking for an intense action packed tale about the fae then look no forward then Brenna Morgan. This gal is a very strong, determine young lady. Her family has always traveled so she never set down roots anywhere but she hoping things will change once she arrives in Ireland. Boy do things change with one trip out to go for a jog, she comes upon a wounded fae, is entrusted with the key and a task. You meet fantastical creatures, be hunted by some of them and go on an amazing adventure to save a child.

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