Thomas Wildus and the Wizard of Sumeria(The Elandrian Chronicles #2)

A boy discovering his destiny. An ancient object of unspeakable power. An impenetrable web of deception.

It’s been three months since Thomas and his friends faced off against the enigmatic Arius Strong in an epic fight for the future of humanity. They thought the battle was over. It was only just beginning.

Now, with a mysterious message from an unknown hacker, the action starts again. This time an ancient talisman with legendary powers is at stake, and Arius will stop at nothing to make it his own. Dark witches and wizards are rallying to his cause, and behind it all, a mysterious figure with inexplicable abilities. The forces of light are gathering as well, but the web of deception is thick. Will Thomas and his friends see through the lies in time to stop the forces of evil and prevent a catastrophe of historic proportions?

Jan’s Review

This an enjoyable sequel in this series that follows nicely on the heels of the event from the first book. The stakes are raised and all the magical elements that you come to love are amped up even more as our characters explore their powers even more. As the story proceeds more info about Thomas missing farther are revealed and of course their life lessons to learn along the way.

In this part of the series our characters are now 14 so those in the same age range will easily see themselves in the shoes of these characters. Like any second book you are introduced to new characters, more training of powers, and of course a wonderful quest to find a magical object.

I am invested and can’t wait for the next installment that hopefully will lead Thomas to finding his farther or else we at least will get another fantastic adventure.

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