Blog Tour The Unready Queen (The Oddmire Book Two)

Human and goblin brothers Cole and Tinn are finding their way back to normal after their journey to the heart of the Oddmire. Normal, unfortunately, wants nothing to do with them. Fable, the daughter of the Queen of the Deep Dark, has her first true friends in the brothers. The Queen allows Fable to visit Tinn and Cole as long as she promises to stay quiet and out of sight—concealing herself and her magic from the townspeople of Endsborough.

But when the trio discovers that humans are destroying the Wild Wood and the lives of its creatures for their own dark purposes, Fable cannot stay quiet. As the unspoken truce between the people of Endsborough and the inhabitants of the Wild Wood crumbles, violence escalates, threatening war and bringing Fable’s mother closer to the fulfillment of a deadly prophecy that could leave Fable a most Unready Queen.

Jan’s Review

We jump right back into this amazing world of changelings, goblins and witches. The twins Tinn and Cole who you meet in book one share quite a bit of page time as we learn more about them as they come to grips with one of them not being human but a changeling. But this book is solidly all about Fable who truly comes into her own by the end of this book.

The relationships in this series feel so real. You have Raina and Fable who are trying to come to terms with both of them being witches and Fable learning to control her powers. Then you have Annie who continues to poor adoration on the twins and helps theme strive for wha they want out of life. It really will speak to children who constantly are searching for the security that they are are loved in this world no matter who they are.

By the end of the story the whole community we come to learn about has learned how to become one with the wild woods and it all comes down to our Fable coming into her own as witch and really taking charge with those she comes to care about. This is an outstanding sequel but i do hope that their is more story to come.

About the Author

WILLIAM RITTER is an Oregon educator and author of the New York Times bestselling Jackaby series. He is the proud father of the two bravest boys in the Wild Wood, and husband to the indomitable Queen of the Deep Dark.

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