Knife(Faery Rebels #1)by R.J. Anderson

Once upon a time, a fairy is born. She lives in an old oak tree at the bottom of a garden with the rest of the fairy folk. Never has she known a time when life hasn’t been hard, with many dangers and much adversity. But when she becomes the Hunter of the group and learns to do battle in the outside world, her adventures really take off…

Don’t read this book if you’re expecting fairy dust – the last thing Knife is likely to wield is a magic wand..

Jan’s Review

What an amazing fairy story. I read a lot of different stories about fairies, watched various movies but this one totally is unique. I love knife she has a drive and determination to really figure out what is going on in the world of the Oak. The author has created a full world for you to discover inside the Oak. A world that is full of culture, secrets and a very layered society. Their a lot of uncover and i can’t wait to read the rest of this series.

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