Piper Prince (Forbidden Forest #2) by Amber Argyle (

Can you hear him? The beast is coming for you. 

Long ago, a curse fell upon the land—a curse of forgetting and wraiths, a curse that ensured no daughters were born to the pied pipers in over three centuries. The pipers were all that stood between humanity and utter destruction, so they did the only thing they could: they stole the daughters of the nearby kingdom with their hypnotizing melodies. With the sons born from those unions, they continued to defend against the wraiths and fight the curse, even though they were slowly losing. 

Larkin was one of those daughters. Stolen by Denan and married against her will, she found herself falling in love with the very man who had taken everything from her, the man who had made her a princess. Together, they discovered that she was the first woman in three centuries to possess the magic of the pipers, and therefore, the only person capable of breaking the ancient curse. 

But breaking the curse means unraveling the very past the curse is intent on keeping secret. The answer lies buried in the crypts of the Black Druids, men who consider Larkin a traitor they’ll kill on sight. Embedded in the intrigues of their court, she unearths a dark conspiracy destined to hasten the destructive power of the curse—a conspiracy aimed at destroying her piper prince.

Jan’s Review

A curse has ravaged the land forcing pipers who stand between humanity and the evil lurking in the forbidden forest to steal daughters to marry them. Our main character is one of those daughters and she forced to marry Denan. She fallen for this piper and is no longer enchanted and is truly in love with him. She has also been fated to be the one with magic to break the curse of the pipers.

This story has a lot going on in it, intense romance, fighting scenes and dark secrets that will be unraveled as you turn the pages. I was caught up once again in the sad story of the pipers who are forced to steal daughters to have someone to marry and produce more pipers with. The heartache that you feel as you read about all the suffering that is inflicted on the families who lose the daughters and the pipers who are trying to survive. The world is darkly inflicted by the wraiths who are controlled by black druids.

By the end of this second book of a 4 book series you really see Larkin come into her own as Deana wife. She manages to get the pipers’ wives to realize that they are not still enchanted and that they truly love the lives they have with the pipers. To the point where the most intense scenes are when they come up against their families and make a stand to stay and fight for the pipers.

I can’t wait to get book three as we end book two the fate of star crossed lovers is hanging by a thread. Will denan survive or will Larkin have to make the ultimate sacrifice and take his place? Pick p the Wraith King release date to be announced.

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