A Blade So Black (A Blade So Black #1) by L.L. McKinney

The first time the Nightmares came, it nearly cost Alice her life. Now she’s trained to battle monstrous creatures in the dark dream realm known as Wonderland with magic weapons and hardcore fighting skills. Yet even warriors have a curfew.

Life in real-world Atlanta isn’t always so simple, as Alice juggles an overprotective mom, a high-maintenance best friend, and a slipping GPA. Keeping the Nightmares at bay is turning into a full-time job. But when Alice’s handsome and mysterious mentor is poisoned, she has to find the antidote by venturing deeper into Wonderland than she’s ever gone before. And she’ll need to use everything she’s learned in both worlds to keep from losing her head . . . literally. 

Jan’s Review

I really enjoyed this book, i listened to it as an audiobook and the person who read it totally made the story. The mom character reminded me of Nick mom from Sherrilyn Kenyon Chronicles of Nick series. The same concept happen in that one our main character is still in high school living with their parents but on the side they are out kicking demon but. The mom is sassy and tends to try to be understanding while majority of the story has no clue that their kid is out killing of nightmares/demons to save the world.

The added twist of the Alice in Wonderland theme to the story really cinched it for me. The main issue that did grate at me that i saw right at the beginning at the story was the race descriptions. I not sure if that was because of how the main character saw people or lack of descriptions for race from the author. Hatter is a great character and that ending is heart wrenching and i eager to read the rest of the series.

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