The Memory Thief (City of Wishes #1) by Rachel Morgan

In a world of fae, vampires and shifters,
where wishes can be bought and bargained for,
fae royalty rule the land,
and the Godmother rules the illegal wish trade.
Elle is human, bound to her stepmother by a slave charm.
She cannot earn her freedom,
but she can wish for it.
If she pays the price the Godmother demands.

Jan’s Review

Totally love the cover for this first installment of this series. Unlike this author previous books this one is gonna be released in small installments that give you a nice chunk to read while you wait. In this first one we meet Elle a human living in a word full of fae and vampires. Humans are treated as lesser then and are enslaved to the other two races. They are enslaved since they are not known to have any true power. Elle is no different and she lives with her you guessed it her evil stepmother and her two step sisters. If you think you know how this story goes you really don’t. Elle has power that she is selling to save up enough essence to make a wish for her freedom.

Rachel has a way of drawing you in and you keep flipping the pages totally engrossed in the story. I did not even realize i was the end of this first part until i could not get my kindle to give me more story. I am eager for the next one and sure you will be to.

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