Book Review Prelude to Destiny Awakening by Fairwen Faust


Rhea and Cynthia Evers are teenage sisters who have been shielded from the truth their entire lives. After their mother is killed in what appeared to be a robbery gone wrong , Rhea, the elder, discovers a chest full of secrets hidden away in her parents’ closet. The chest makes her think back to the night their mother died and how strange her mother had acted. Why would their mother hide mysterious leather bound spell books, odd charms, and strange pouches full of unfamiliar objects and heady aromas in her closet? And then there is the ring that Mom gave her before she died. Did she know something terrible was going to happen to her? What other secrets would be unearthed?

Jan’s Review

In this book you have two sisters who loose their mother and are left with lots of questions about why and how it happens.  Rhea the older sister on the night her mother dies is given a mysterious ring and both sisters are sworn to secrecy about events they see just before their mother dies.  This book is about magic, family and secrets. It moves along at a great pace revealing little bits of information about witches, enemies and what really happened the night their mother died. Hope you stop by amazon and pick up a copy.


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