Book Review A Faerie’s Curse (Creepy Hollow #6) by Rachel Morgan


A witch’s curse. A world-ending prophecy. A daring rescue mission. Don’t miss the heart-pounding finale to Calla’s story!

On the run from the Guild of Guardians, Calla Larkenwood and her team of fellow outlaws plan a daring rescue operation into the Seelie Court itself. As if that isn’t enough to keep them busy, the power-hungry Princess Angelica has begun preparations for a horrifying prophesied spell that will forever change both the magic and non-magic realms.

When Calla is blindsided by an unspeakable tragedy before the rescue can be carried out, she struggles to remain focused on her mission. She believes she’s reached her lowest point—until a witch reveals the final blow: she has cursed Calla’s magic. With time running out, can Calla save the one she loves and stop the prophecy from being carried out before the curse claims her life?

Jan’s Review

This is the 6th book in the explosive addicting fae series by Rachel Morgan.  This is the third book that focuses on our main character Calla.  Calla experiences within her family an unexplained tragedy that rips her to her very core.  On top of her love being imprisoned and tortured she dealing with the heartbreak of this loss as she try to free him.  Their a lot of action, funny, bitter sweet moments thorough out this book.  At more then one point i uttered holy crap out loud as the story took turns i was not expecting to happen.  Rachel has a talent for pouring her heart and soul into each book that i read of hers and thoroughly enjoy going along for the ride  and i eager to read the next book in this creepy hollow series.


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