Book Review: The Brothers Locke: Episodes 1-8 by KC Hunter


A Theft That Turns Into A Journey

Mouth, Echo and Sharp Locke are identical teenage triplets who live in the magical world known as The Dea. They also fashion themselves as Master Thieves. After getting a job to steal a mysterious item from one of the richest men in The Dea, they realize what they’ve actually stolen is an ancient relic that many mercenaries, governments, pirates, and monsters greatly desire.

This eight episode series follows the brothers as they run from danger, encounter all sorts of colorful characters and visit some of the most spectacular and sometimes dangerous places in their world. The mysteries they unlock will have great impact on a future that is uncertain.

Jan’s Review

Couldn’t put this series down. Fast paced with a colorful cast of characters and settings, plus an ending that left me with feelings. I really liked how quickly the story moved along, almost like i was watching a tv epiosde.  I like how unique each of the brothers are and it was nice touch that one of them had to use sign language to communicate.   This is a great series and i think it is geared towards the tween population who enjoy adventure stories like Percy Jackson and the fable haven series.




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