Arc Review Burning Shadows by Jennifer Anne Davis


The Order of the Krigers has risen.

Determined to destroy the Order, the vicious king, Morlet, scours the land searching for the twelve chosen ones. He burns entire villages hoping to crush the Krigers.

He has other plans for Kaia.

In order to end the curse, Kaia must conceive a child before the Krigers can kill Morlet. However, Kaia doesn’t know if the father is supposed to be her fiancé, Vidar, or his brother, the evil king. Determined to find the answer, she sets off to the other side of the mountains with Anders. Stifling her growing feelings for the assassin, Kaia unearths secrets that force her to reevaluate her cause. Can she sacrifice so much of herself to save the kingdom of Nelebek? Can she kill Morlet when she is starting to understand and even sympathize with him? And is there really any choice at all, especially when it comes to matters of the heart?

With newfound power, Kaia’s heart and mind are entwined with the realization that choices come with a price, passion can rival hatred, and an evil looms on the horizon, more sinister than she ever imagined.

Jan Review

This is book two in Jennifer Anne Davis Order of The Krigers series where she strikes out beyond her other series that mostly has to do with princess who trying to take back her kingdom.  This series is vastly different in that we are dealing with a magical group of characters knows as the Krigers who are trying to to take down the evil Morlet.  In this second book the 12 Krigers are all together and are working towards trying to discover how they are to link together as one to take down Morlet.  You get various scenes as they try to train together to do this.  You also got poor Kaia who has been told she to bear a child and she not really sure if to be with the man she pledge to marry or the man who she might give her heart to if she can find a way to save him from the evil that consumed him into this evil character.  So as the story comes to a close on this book and we are eagerly waiting for book three how will this child come into the world.  Will it be with the evil king as has been for told, will it be with the man she pledge to marry or will their be no baby?  Only Jennifer Anne Davis knows 🙂


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