Review Back Together Again by Shawn McGuire


A best friend, a boyfriend, and a coveted spot in the talent show. All ordinary things for most teens, but unheard of for Ainsley Blue. For fifteen years, Ainsley zigzagged across the country, moving to a new town every few months, but after more than a year at the same school, she’s sure she finally has a normal life. Then one afternoon, she comes home to find Mum packing, and everything changes again.

Heartbroken, Ainsley sends a wish to the universe. All she wants is to have a home she never has to leave and to understand why they live like drifters. Desiree, a stressed-out hippie genie, arrives to grant her wish but warns that the truth may not be easy to accept.

Ainsley insists she can handle whatever happens, but nothing can prepare her for what she’s about to learn.

Jan Review

Here we go again this series has been like a friend who is along for the adventure as you figure out life and where you want to be and what you want to take along with you.  I have loved every book in this series each new charge tugs at my heart strings and of course i love the journey of Desiree and finally she gets the ending to her wish that started 5 books ago.  I would love to see a new series maybe that spins off from this one.  I sad to see the series end but it been an incredible journey.



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