Review Magic Me This by Konstanz Silverbow


To fight your fate will end in fire or fortune.

Abigail Leigh always believed herself to be boring, average, and dull. However, Caleb, her lifelong crush, couldn’t be any of those things—not with his luminescent white irises, heart-melting smile, and elusiveness.

But a missed prom date, stalkers, and strange happenings lead to the truth—Abigail is anything but normal. A child of the Eclipse, bound to protect the world from the creatures once believed to be mythical, she is thrust into a world she didn’t know existed.

Zolnerowich, the vampire clan leader, is determined to bring darkness to all, and Abigail and Caleb must stop him. Traitors among them, teammates lost, the stakes ever growing . . . Abigail must risk losing her soul mate to right the wrongs she unknowingly helped create and to restore peace to the world of magic.

Jan Review

This was a delightful read as with all the books i read by this author she continues to impress and improve with her magical story telling ways.  She takes a concept that you might not think is very unique girl finds out she has magic, must learn to use magic to save the world.  Yes this is not a new concept but they way Konstanz tell it she add in vampires, unicorns, romance and then she teases you at the very end with a hint of oh my the best thing Dragons but ya have to read the book to see how that turns out.  Thanks for allowing me to continue being delighted with your stores Konstanz you do a wonderful job and entertain me every time.




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