Book Review The Last Gatekeeper by Katy Haye


Two worlds. One queen determined to rule both. And one teen girl who stands in her way.

Zanzibar MacKenzie knows she’s a freak. She has EHS – electrical hypersensitivity – which leaves her trying to live a Stone Age life in the twenty-first century: no internet, no phone, no point really.

On her seventeenth birthday she discovers the truth: she can’t stand electricity because she’s half-fae, and her mixed-blood makes her the only person on Earth able to control the gates that link the fae and human worlds.

With the help of Thanriel, an angel charged with keeping the worlds in balance, and Cal, an exiled fae, Zan – the girl who can’t flip a light switch – must now learn to control the elemental powers she never knew she had in order to defeat a queen bent on destruction.

Jan Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, the author does a great job of setting up the story by sharing with you the crippling decease of EHS that are main character is plagued with and how it separates and makes her unique for her task that is coming.  I liked how you slowly discovered this world fane creatures that are needing her to save their world from the slow destruction that is being wrought on them by being connected to Earth.  Their a love interest, their sadness and loss and of course their a unique world for you to discover and their more story to be had if you so choose to.




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