Review The Tower Must Fall by S.E. Bennett


The last fairy-tale ended a hundred years ago, and one thing is certain: the monsters lost. In the world beyond the Bay of Glass, humanity has an overwhelming majority, and the creatures that go bump in the night – the Cryptids – live in hiding. In some lands, discovery by the government spells death, while in others whole tribes are exterminated by knights in shining armor: the Animus.

Marek Tobar, a handsome, clumsy traveller, dreams of independence and uprising. It isn’t long before his beliefs drop him in extremely hot water, and he somehow finds himself at the tender mercy of Enyo Namenlos.

A reformed knight of the Animus with many faces and no allegiance but to herself, Enyo has spent years hiding from the life she left behind. Determined to somehow salvage the best parts of herself, she needs to repay a blood-debt: she pledges to deliver Marek to Sanctuary, the hidden city of Cryptids.

With war brewing in smoky cities and wicked woods, Enyo and Marek find themselves woven into a story that began centuries earlier. But when happy endings are myth and goodness is relative, what does it mean to find your heart’s desire?

Jan Review


We are in a land where the fairy tale age has ended hundreds of years ago and we have magical creatures which are called cryptids being hunted by these knights called Animus.  I got lost in parts of the story where we meet enyo and marek and i sort of got the whole point of them getting to sanctuary where the cryptids live and trying to save this race of people from the Animus.

At times though i got a bit lost when the author would back track to tell us some back story about a character or an event that had happened.  I hate to admit but i jumped to the last part of the book to just see how things got wrapped up and it seems like things worked out for the most part.  It was a mostly a so so story for me.



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