Arc Book Review Neverland Evermore by Sarah J Pepper


Neverland has a way of breaking people. It corrupts souls. It destroys hope. The evil festering inside it brings out the darkness in our hearts and leaves us worse than dead. No good has ever come from it. Ever.

It is where I was born.

Therefore, darkness is all I know. Corruption is in my bones. So when I see him, I mean to win his heart and then break him. I mean to lure him to my arms and then destroy him. But it is his intentions and his wicked smile that deter me…at least until a lost soul from my past catches up with us.

My world ignites into flames. My love’s sinks to the depths of the sea. We are from two different worlds that overlap for a brief moment in time. But it is that moment which carries me forward. It is that moment in which he lives in the past. It is that moment in which I embrace my true nature and seek vengeance against those responsible for feeding his hand to that godforsaken crocodile.

Jan Review

This is a dark retelling of Neverland but it also a story of deep committed love between a fairy and captain.  I really like reading Sarah J Pepper retelling cause she takes what you grown to know as truth and flips it to but what if it not what if those hero were really the evil characters.  I also love how she takes two characters who you never thought could love each other and plays off a heart felt deep romance that is rooted very strongly in this twisted tale.  I love the way tinker bell now called belle is not the small fairy she was, the kids are not who they were and Peter oh Peter lets take a look at the dark one that we saw on Once Upon a time.  Great twist and love that it was short like it was a taste of what is sure to unfold into a not to be put down tale.



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