Book Review The Halfing by H.D. Gordon


What do you get when you take a highly trained Halfling teenager and throw her into the concrete jungle of Grant City?
One badass vigilante, of course!
17-year-old Aria Fae is no stranger to danger. She’s super fast, incredibly strong, and on her own for the first time ever.
Throw in a brand new best friend who’s a computer genius, a mysterious and super-fly older neighbor, and a drug that’s turning people into maniacs, and you’ve got the potion for trouble.
Will Aria risk everything to keep the streets of Grant City safe, or will the beasts of the jungle make her their next meal?

Jan Review

I always love stories that involve the fae and this author has done just that but this time our character is not just fae she is half human half fae.  I really do love that this character drowns herself in books to escape her reality. “Books have saved my sanity more times than I can count, and if i’d ever needed saving it was now”

Aria Fae has been caste out of the life she always known and so she just kind of floating around trying to find her way and what she really needs a new mission and that she looking for what every person who lost their way she looking for a home a place that belongs and calls to her.  As the story progresses Aria does find that mission and ends up finding along the way a bit more about the fae part of herself and we get a small glimpse into that world she left.

In the end “Aria is a warrior, and no matter the ferocity of the beast at her back, she would turn and fight and it at the very least would remember her name. “

I am excited that this is going to be six book series currently and that they will all be out this year.  Happy reading.


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