Unbound Book Signing University Bookstore



Not bound, as a book. Free.

Like Unfettered before it, the contributing writers of Unbound were allowed to submit the tales they wished fans of genre to read—without the constraints of a shackling theme.

The result is magical. Twenty-three all-original stories are sure to captivate you—some will move you to tears while others will keep you turning the pages long into the night. The power of Unbound lies in its variety of tales and the voices behind them. If you are a fan of discovering new writers or reading the works of beloved authors, Unbound is for you.

Return to Landover with Terry Brooks. Go to trial with Harry Dresden and Jim Butcher. Enter the Citadel and become remade with Rachel Caine. Survive a plague with John Marco and his robot companion Echo. Be painted among the stars by Mary Robinette Kowal. These tales and the others that comprise the anthology are only bound by how enchanting and enthralling they are.

Unbound is filled with spectacularly wonderful stories, each one as diverse as its creator.

You will be changed upon finishing it.

And that is the point.

Like Unfettered before it, the contributing writers of Unbound were allowed to submit the tales they wished fans of genre to read—without the constraints of a theme. It is an anthology filled some spectacularly wonderful stories, each one as diverse as its creator.

Here is the Unbound line-up: Terry Brooks (intro) | Kristen Britain | Jim Butcher | Rachel Caine | Harry Connolly | Delilah S. Dawson | David Anthony Durham | Jason M. Hough | Mary Robinette Kowal | Mark Lawrence | John Marco | Tim Marquitz | Seanan McGuire | Peter Orullian | Kat Richardson | Anthony Ryan | Shawn Speakman | Brian Staveley | Michael J. Sullivan | Sam Sykes | Mazarkis Williams


Friday February  26th some of the great authors from the Unbound Anthology gathered at the University of Wa bookstore to sign not only the awesomeness of their collected works but to sign some of their own works as well.

I was their i have to admit to meet one of my most favorite authors Terry Brooks.


I was quite happy as you can see from the photo Terry signed the unbound book for me as well as the two Magic of Landover books i purchased from the book store.  I also won a new Shannara of chronicles tv cover and he gave me on as well at the end of the night. Both are signed of course.


At the start of the night i got the great pleasure of being spotted by Shawn Speakman the editor of Unbound.  I had tweeted earlier in the day that i was attending the event and Shawn spotted me and introduced himself, he a very nice guy.



Also attending the event was Todd Lockwood the cover artist for Unbound.  Todd had brought along a special treat for giveaways and to share with the other collaborating authors— he brought an ARC (advanced reader copy) of his first ever book The Summer Dragon.  I introuduced myself to Todd Lockwood and told him about me a book blogger and i wanted to check out the arc.  Todd said if he had some left at the end of night i get one.  I gave him my twitter and blog address so he can check me out later if he wanted to.  As the night wound down and all the great giveaways were done, i said good bye to the authors and thanked them for coming and signing.  I said by to Todd last and wished him good luck with his upcoming book and that i would be sure to check it out when it came out.  He said well i think we can give you an arc, and he had Shawn Speakman hand me one.  As my son would say Mom was totally Fangirling by the time i left the book store i was over the moon.  So check out my blog soon as i currently reading The Summer Dragon and it i can tell you it a must read.  It debuted to come out May 3rd 2016.



The debut novel from the acclaimed illustrator—a high fantasy adventure featuring dragons and deadly politics.

Maia and her family raise dragons for the political war machine. As she comes of age, she anticipates a dragon of her own to add to the stable of breeding parents. Her peaceful life is shattered when the Summer Dragon—one of the rare and mythical High Dragons—makes an appearance in her quiet valley. Political factions vie for control of the implied message, threatening her aspirations, her aerie, her entire way of life.

The bond between dragons and their riders is deep and life-long, and Maia’s desire for a dragon of her own to train, ride, fly, and love drives her to take a risk that puts her life at stake. She is swept into an adventure that pits her against the deathless Horrors, thralls of the enemy, and a faceless creature drawn from her fear. In her fight to preserve everything she knows and loves, she exposes a conspiracy, unearths an ancient civilization, and challenges her understanding of her world—and of herself.

These last few pictures are of me getting my book signed with the rest of the great authors and some of the copies i picked up new to me authors.  I am currently also reading through Unbound and i am tweeting to each author as i read their stories and leaving them a quick thank you and note about their contributions to the stories.  Once i read through the whole book their be a review on my blog as well for that.  A great start to my weekend and i will for sure be attending more events at the University of Wa bookstore as often as i can.



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