Book Review My story: Power to rule by b.j. joke


Louanne, a reclusive thirteen year old, is forced to travel on an enchanting and challenging adventure when she is taken from her family and home, and tossed into The Unreal World by a treacherous entity. Along with her guardian, a mysterious man who has sworn to protect her, they will risk whatever it takes to get her back home. Within this new place, there are rules and customs, and she has no idea which ones may parallel that of her own world. When another strange man, who calls himself Jake, appears in her pathway, holding both good and bad intentions, the child turns her attention to focus on him and what his real purpose is. However, with opponents and secrets threatening her sanity at every turn, Louanne is unsure how to react to this strange new world, or the people within it.

Jan Review

I rated this book as a three as it was a good story, with a lot of potential to really become a good story.  Now that being said their were things that i thought needs some help.

  1.  The character descriptions i felt where muddled and would jump between points of view to where i would loose what the point of the paragraph was and who was really speaking or which characters was being referred to.
  2.  At the start of the book you have louanne interact with her best friend but it seems like they really don’t know each other.
  3. Parts of the story are stretched a bit to the point where though i know this all fantasy it still hard to ignore the facts– like the gun getting wet, solder buying out businesses to buy the diamond.
  4. A chapter was labeled A.S.H but by the end of the chapter i still not sure what that stands for i tend to take chapters headings as clues to information i should be learning in the chapter.
  5. I had trouble knowing the age of the main character and not really even told until ch 14 which is 179 pages into the story which when i found out i thought the character should been much older.
  6. Felt like i need a character chart in the book as i kept referring to page 155 where the relationships of some the characters are explained.

Pros the main concept of the story a child who is sucked into another world that is far different from ours, with abilities and the bad side effect of being controlled by a dark entity, is very well thought out. In the book you come across all kinds of great sci fi and fantasy elements that really create a unique unreal world.  I think with help this story has a lot of potential and look forward to seeing what else this author has to share.



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