Book Review The Tale of the Wulks by V.K. Green


When evil threatens to dominate earth and subjugate its citizens, a mixed band of humans and magical creatures must set forth to confront it. Among them, a unique autistic being discovers the depth of his courage and power as he steps forward to lead his small group of warriors as life and death hang in the balance. An action-packed journey in the ageless battle between good and evil, V. K. Green’s debut weaves fantasy-adventure with science fiction and thriller elements to stunning effect. Rilk Wulk is an autistic boy living among his people atop Mission Peak Regional Preserve in California, unknown to the humans a short distance away. A magical race, they are guardians of the earth and its citizens, ever vigilant, ever watchful, ever ready to take up arms against those who would attack our planet. One day when Rilk sees his grandfather Manfield leaving the country with the Dragon Prince Englar, he knows that danger is imminent and that he and his friends must join the quest—whatever the cost. Dark Lord Vanko is determined to dominate earth and make humankind his unwilling subjects. Now Rilk, Prince Englar, and their friends must destroy Vanko’s evil plans. To do so, however, they will need greater numbers. Joined by races of men, dwarfs, and elves, they face a foe far more powerful than their numbers combined. Narrowly escaping death and barely holding their fellowship together, Rilk steps forward to lead them as Lord Vanko prepares to kill all of them. A breathtaking vision of unbridled imagination, Green delivers a mind-expanding action-adventure that is filled with amazing creatures, edge-of-your-seat thrills, and jaw-dropping battles. Moving effortlessly forward, it portrays a character whose autism is neither a hindrance nor a special power—it is, as they say, simply what it is: a difference in how the brain functions. As thought provoking as it is entertaining, The Tale of the Wulks will change the way you think as it both entertains and captivates you.

Author Profile

V. K. Green is an autistic college freshman at the University of San Francisco majoring in History. He has performed at a high academic level with advanced diction, language, and social skills. Green is aware how society misunderstands those who have this condition and has decided to use fictional storytelling to demonstrate the reality of what autism is, and what those who have it are capable of achieving.

Currently, one person out of every eighty-eight people is autistic. It is no longer a condition that can be continually ignored and/or misunderstood. It is not a mental disorder like schizophrenia but rather a difference in how the brain functions.

In addition to striving for acceptance of autism, Green enjoys playing video games and watching TV shows like “Supernatural” and “CSI” in his free time. An avid reader and gatherer of knowledge, he spends most of his days writing, researching, and garnering information on a variety of topics – including but not limited to religion, Japanese manga, sci-fi movies, and foreign cultures.

His inspiration for the book comes from his love for J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic saga The Lord of the Rings. In his words “I wanted to create a work of fantasy as glorious as that!”

Green followed a relatively quick timeline, creating a complete first draft in around a year and a half all this while juggling school and extracurricular activities. It took him another two and a half years to edit the book to its present form. “I brainstormed the entire story before starting to write,” he reflected.

Green currently lives in Fremont, California, with his family.

Jan Review

This is an action packed story with lots of characters to keep track of but you really get the chance to know these characters as the author spends a good deal of time time sharing their backgrounds and where they come from and how they fit into the story.  The author has a unique way of taking current events and mixing in fantasy into a very believable and detailed tale.  You learn that the author has a deep respect for Japanese culture and is very interested in Karate as it comes up a lot in the story as the characters advance in their quest to take out the evil that is attempting to destroy the world.  I fell that the author does a fantastic job of achieving his goal of sharing Autism with the readers of this story, their a not only a great adventure to be found in this tale but some very much needed life lessons as well.


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