Arc Book Review A Sliver of Stardust by Marissa Burt


I am a gold lock.
I am a gold key.
However high and low you hunt,
You’ll never find me.

Wren Matthews outgrew nursery rhymes a long time ago. Little did she know that songs of twinkling little stars and four-and-twenty blackbirds are the key to the ancient magic of stardust – a magic that only a few people can see and use. And Wren is one of them.

Wren has always preferred to stick to herself. But when she is invited to the faraway fortress where an ancient order has long studied and guarded the stardust, she doesn’t hesitate to accept.

Soon Wren is swept up in strange dreams, buried secrets, and rumors that an old enemy is plotting his return. As she tries to master her new abilities, Wren only knows one thing for sure. there’s magic in the world – and it’s waiting for her.

Jan Review

I am big promoter of middle grade books mostly cause i have a middle grade child and i really want to find interesting books for him to enjoy and read and if i love them to all the better so we can discuss books cause i love nothing better then connecting with my kid.  A Sliver of Stardust is everything i want for my son in a book.  It has Magic, excitement and danger.  I read this book in one day i simply could not put it down.  I was enchanted by the concept of magic being stardust and that you use children rhymes to make it work.  One of the best things i like is that Wren is not able to achieve things right off the bat and that makes her connect with me more.  It a whole new concept she should struggle a bit and the fact that her raven does not just jump and take to her right away is a great way to protray this character.

I do like also how the handle bringing the parents into the world of the Fiddlers.  So often it seems that kids in these fantasy stories steal off to a new world and we never really find out what they tell the parents and the friends who never see them again.  I was also quite tickeled to find out the author is from Washington which is where i am from so I am excited to be promoting a local author.  Can’t wait for the next one.


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