Book Review Once Upon An Assassin by Konstanz Silverbow


Death ruined him—only love can save him.

At eight years of age, Derrick watched as his father was murdered for defying the sinister Cordae and his ring of thugs. With no family remaining and unable to defend himself, Derrick is taken from his home by his father’s murderer and turned into a weapon, an assassin, the most feared warrior in all of Avonathia.

Now as Cordae’s right-hand man, he is entrusted with the task of helping to overthrow the kingdom. Derrick is sent to spend time with Princess Lily, gain her trust, and then kill her, but the longer he’s with her, the more his heart begins to heal and he realizes this isn’t who he truly is. He’s falling for the princess he was sent to kill.

Derrick must find a way to prove he’s more than the killer he has become, but this means it’s possible he will lose everything that matters to him in order to protect those he loves.

Jan Review

This is book 3 of the Finding Gold series and like the other two it meant to be read as a stand alone and it does not disappoint.  We are introduced to this poor chap who is forced to be someone he is not all because this other character wants to rule the whole world.  I like that you have all the elements of a great fairy tale in this story, fairy godmother, dragons, witches and of course a lesson to be learned.   I am very delighted that Konstanz continues to write and share these delightful stories with me.  If you like the other two books in this series this one won’t disappoint you either.


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