Book Review: The Enchanted Rose by Konstanz Silverbow


Can true love weather magic’s storm?

Princess Roselyn is betrothed to Prince Chavez, but her heart belongs to Prince Osric. As the royal wedding approaches, they only have a few days left to be together. Osric fears losing Roselyn and will do anything to be with her, turning to magic in hopes that it will provide the answer. A white rose, enchanted with love, so long as its petals remain white, will bind the hearts of those who speak words of love.

One rose, two hearts, ten words, and they will be together forever . . . until a storm clouds the night sky, and by morning, the world is dark. Every enchantment is broken, every spell undone. All magic has been destroyed, and once the white rose turns red, Roselyn and Osric will be forced to remain apart. With only four days to save their love, they must learn how to restore magic to the land . . . or their chances of being together forever are gone.

Jan Review

This was an adorable story that wrapped me up in its enchanting tell.  It moved along at a great clip that i was easily able to read it all in one day which is a rare feat for me.  I like that this was a novel that is a book two in a series but can stand all on its own.  I was a bit shocked by some of the violence but in a good way cause i was not expecting it i like an author who can shock me and make me no way she did not just do that. Great job and can not wait for book 3 i sure i will be even more in love with this series.


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