Book Review The Whole Beast by Kingfisher Pink


On a drizzly February afternoon in the Pacific Northwest a local news crew stepped into a small patch of woods to film a story on truffle hunting. It wasn’t long before they realized they were not alone.

To be held responsible for the discovery of Bigfoot is one thing, to have accidently killed the beast in the process is quite another. Camrose Rose considered himself many things: a broadcaster, a man of taste and opinion, a gastronome and a connoisseur of fine wine. The one thing he never thought he would self-identify as was a monster hunter. But sometimes fate has a way of deciding otherwise.

They say that every meal is an adventure and isn’t that just the offal truth. Sometimes you simply must engage the whole beast.

Take it from Camrose Rose, gourmet monster hunter.

Jan Review

I gave this book a 3 star review as it does not fall into my typical genre of reading so i was not gripped with a frenzy of needing to jump in and read but it did catch my eye as it based on something that i have heard of quite a bit as person who lives in the Pacific Northwest the legend of Bigfoot.  I like the description the author gives of this quirky broadcaster named Camrose who loves his wine and never considered their was more out their beyond what he done his whole life. .  Their little one liners through out this book that had me laughing out load.  If you like the intrigue of good story based on a story you heard all your life this is probably the book for you.


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