Book Review Half upon a time by James Riley


Life’s no fairy tale for Jack. After all, his father’s been missing ever since that incident with the beanstalk and the giant, and his grandfather keeps pushing him to get out and find a princess to rescue. Who’d want to rescue a snobby, entitled princess anyway? Especially one that falls out of the sky wearing a shirt that says “Punk Princess,” and still denies she’s royalty. In fact, May doesn’t even believe in magic. Yeah, what’s that about? May does need help though–a huntsman is chasing her, her grandmother has been kidnapped, and Jack thinks it’s all because of the Wicked Queen . . . mostly because May’s grandmother might just be the long-lost Snow White. Jack and May’s thrillingly hilarious adventure combines all the classic stories—fractured as a broken magic mirror—into the first of an epic new series of novels for the ages.

Jan Review:

Half Upon a Time is a funny adventure in which James Riley twists the fairytales as we know them. Who is good and who is bad? To know that you need to go on this great adventure with Jack, May and Phillip. Even though it is clearly a book meant for children, it is still an enjoyable read for adults too. I had a fun time reading about clumsy Jack who has the best intentions, but things don’t always work out the way he would like them to. May on the other hand drops in from the real world and does her best adapting to live in a fairytale book! Prince Phillip is pretty much perfect, much to Jack’s disgust. If you’re in the mood for a fairytale with lots of sarcasm and hilarious situations in which the young heroes set out to rescue May’s grandmother and face a great many opponents on their journey, then this is a great book to consider!


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