Book and Blogger Swap Reveal Post


I had the great opportunity to sign up for this great swap and my book swapping partner was Alex Ang from the books buzz blog  she is a very sweet girl and i have had a great time getting to know her.  She was very sweet and order me 4 books from book depository and one of them is a signed book ohhh squeal.  Now to the picture of my goodies.

book swap



So i got Half bad which is the signed book and i been hearing buzz about that one for a while so i am very intrigued.

Kiss of Deception a goody off my wish list.

Anatomy of a misfit one of my other friends said this was a hysterical read.

Raven boys which i not heard much about but looks like a fun read.


Thanks again Alex for the great picks.





2 thoughts on “Book and Blogger Swap Reveal Post

  1. Oh, you lucky! I have (but haven’t yet read) Kiss of Deception; Raven Boys is on my wish list, and I hear great things about Half Bad. I’m curious about Anatomy of a Misfit now, too! And that’s awesome she got you a bonus book AND a signed one. 😀
    Happy reading!

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