Book Review: Death Sworn by Leah Cypess



When Ileni lost her magic, she lost everything: her place in society, her purpose in life, and the man she had expected to spend her life with. So when the Elders sent her to be magic tutor to a secret sect of assassins, she went willingly, even though the last two tutors had died under mysterious circumstances.

But beneath the assassins’ caves, Ileni will discover a new place and a new purpose… and a new and dangerous love. She will struggle to keep her lost magic a secret while teaching it to her deadly students, and to find out what happened to the two tutors who preceded her. But what she discovers will change not only her future, but the future of her people, the assassins… and possibly the entire world.


Jan Review:

I not sure how to feel about this book it very interesting concept of a sorceress with no magic being sent to a cave filled with assassins all for the intent of finding how her previous predecessor met their demise. She discovers more then she bargained for and your caught in what will really happen between her and the assassins as she struggles to hid what she really does not possess.  I liked that though their was a hint of romance it was not overly powerful and that you got caught up in the role of Ileni.  Their were twists in the plot that kept me reading and guessing.  I am excited to see what lies ahead in book two.



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