Book Review: A Symphony of Bloody by Matthew Swiontek


In the world of Tyriel there have been many heroes, none more famous than the monster slayer, Gerhold of Vilheim. After the wife of a powerful lord is kidnapped by a vampire, Gerhold is hired to track down the creature. Upon reaching the vampire’s castle he is issued his greatest challenge: fight his way through the monster’s fortress and rescue the woman, or fail, and leave the lady to the unavoidable fate of undeath.

A Symphony of Blood is a heart pounding action-adventure fantasy novella that will keep you riveted until the final page.


Jan Review:

I was not quite sure what to expect but I really liked this short story it was a nice quick read that had great characters, maybe a hint of a lesson or two and best of all a twist at the end that you did not expect.  I really got caught up in the story and all of sudden i was at the end and wanted more.  I hope the author continues this novella maybe dives into a full length series it was really good.



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