Book Review: Cordelia & Mer and the Witches Of Ice by W. F. Gadd


The world of magic is about to change forever.
It all begins when a strange translucent book leads two young white witches on a deathly mission. In the shadows of Cordelia and Mer’s first unexpected journey, lurks a pitiless dark witch disguised as a harmless crone. But her plan to trade their souls to the Witches of Ice is dramatically cut short by Kaldre and her coven of lethal sorcerers. But why? Kaldre, (pronounced kell-drah), is greater in evil than the first witch, and a whole lot more powerful.
Then the extraordinarily beautiful Drucilla Darkington, and her handsome partner Herbert Von Pfirsich, invites Cordelia, Mer, and their close friends to the most glamorous Witch’s Ball in all of witchdom. Is this yet another trap, and is the promise of winning the famous ‘Darkington Chalice’ too much for them to resist? The night turns into a nightmare.
After this terrifying encounter, it’s back to school. But no ordinary school mind, this is Ms. Emily Starch-Stiffington’s weird school for witches, and something nasty is waiting for them and their friends in the classroom.
Slowly their frightening misadventure gathers pace, binding them to a pre-planned knot of darkest spells and charms that lead onto a breathtaking Underground Train ride to ‘The Crystal Palace of Death’. Someone dies. Some escape.
At Dragon’s Head Castle, the peculiar ‘Room of Draws’ is about to weave them further and further into the clutches of the Ice Witches. On All Hallows Eve, things get even worse; they come face-to-face with Zylphoriah, one of many horrific Ice Witches. She’s seeking out lost souls on a Halloween night that leaves everyone deathly cold.
What follows at Horace Brill’s extremely Unfair-Funfair isn’t enough to release the young witches from terror either. More die. Now, finally, the foreboding ‘Forest of Gloom’ awaits. And no one has ever survived that; it’s strangeness and even stranger occupants are beyond reason.
‘Cordelia & Mer and the Witches of Ice’ -The world of magic will never be the same.


Jan Review:

This is a delightful story full of romp and fun as you get to know Cordelia and Mer.  Delightful characters that have you smiling the whole way through the story.   I love the word play and all the great mischief that the girls get into. Long live the Merryspells!


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