Book Review: The Demon of Stonewood by Jeremy Hayes


Welcome back to Stonewood. Six months have passed and the Thieves Guild is embroiled in a bloody street war with the Cult of Demon-Worshippers. The new leader of the Guild is determined to rid the city of their filth, once and for all.

The Cult, however, draws closer to their goal. Only a precious few hand-selected hearts are required to release their Demon Lord Lucivenus from his extra-planar prison and summon him back to Stonewood. Chief Magistrate Krommel, utilizes city resources to fund his war against the meddlesome Thieves Guild, hiring bounty hunters to track down and capture known members.

Captain Dornell is trapped in the middle, wishing to see an end to both groups. Harcourt struggles with the idea of reaching out to his former nemesis turned friend for help. Time is running out. The King’s birthday fast approaches and Krommel has a special surprise in mind.


Jan Review:

An excellent and exciting continuation of the series! I love being able to see more of Harcourt acting sneaky and deceptive. He is such an amazing and dynamic character and it is very easy to get caught up in his story. Overall, this book was a lot of fun, albeit darker than the first. I would recommend this to those who love darker fantasy and those who are looking for a fast paced, exciting book with a hero you are proud to back.


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