WWW Witch Song by Amber Argyle


The Witch Hunters have come for Brusenna, for she is the last. All the others have been captured by the Dark Witch. And without their magical songs to control nature, the world is dying.

Though young and untrained, Brusenna must succeed where every other Witch has failed. Find the Dark Witch. Fight her. Defeat her. If Brusenna fails, there will be nothing left to save—for the Witches, for mankind, or for the young Guardian who has committed his life to protecting hers.

Jan Review:

I really liked Amber take on witches in this story with them being tired to nature and using their Witch Song to create their spells.  I really the description of haven where Senna goes to train before she goes out to take on Espen.  I also like how she uses this great potion and turns into a seal and asks the sea creatures for help and you think all is lost when the what attacks the other ship that was an amazing part in the story.  I really identified with the characters and i think this is going to be a great series from a great author.



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