Book Review: The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton


Title: The Faerie Ring

Author: Kiki Hamilton

Series: The Faerie Ring

Publisher: Tor Teen / Macmillan

Released: September 27th 2011

Book Blurb:

Tiki has been making a home for herself and her family of orphans in a deserted hideaway adjoining Charing Cross Station in central London. Their only means of survival is by picking pockets. One December night, Tiki steals a ring, and sets off a chain of events that could lead to all-out war with the Fey. For the ring is a reservoir that holds a truce between the English royals and the world of the Fey. But there are many who want the ring, including the mysterious Rieker, a handsome pickpocket who has been watching Tiki, and a rebel group of UnSeelie fey who would do anything to break the truce…

A delicious blend of urban fantasy and heart-stopping suspense, the story of THE FAERIE RING takes you from the gritty slums of London to the glittering ballrooms of the Royal Palace to the menacing Otherworld – in a spellbinding tale of mystery and suspense where nothing is what it seems…

Jan Review:

I really liked the setting of this book you can really see all the places that tiki and the other characters visit in London.  Their are some great one liners that make you chuckle like right at the start when tiki steals the ring and escapes out of the huge house only to find out it was Buckingham Palace and she stolen the Queens ring.  The love interest was nicely done not taking over the whole story and keeping it flowing along nicely.  I was a bit disappointed that end did not have some huge climax that made me want to dive in to the next book right off i really like when the author leaves me gasping and like wanted to dive head first into the rest of the series.  I am intrigued to find out more about tiki connection with the fae world and this ring that is holding the war at bay.


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