Book Review: The Dead Boys by Royce Buckingham


There’s a dark side to Teddy’s new town…

When Teddy Mathews moves to Richland, his main concern is making new friends. But something is not right about this quiet desert town: All the boys he meets seem to vanish before his eyes, while the imposing shadows of the giant tree outside his house appear to be hiding more than darkness.

With the branches of the massive sycamore scratching at his window, Teddy’s life becomes a waking nightmare that no one else believes. Can Teddy escape the tree’s terrifying grasp and solve the mystery of the missing boys before he becomes the next boy to disappear?

Jan Review:

5 stars

Copy provided via Grandview Library

This is a great novel that intrigued me because it based in Washington where i live in fact its centered around Richland, WA which is about 40 miles from me.  I like all the facts about how the area was developed, and it was great light horror for young boys around 5th grade and up.  It kept me entertained tell the last pages.  Highly recommend for a fast paced read.



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